1,5 km distance


A fun fact about Cranberries is that they are not originally from the Netherlands. In fact, they originally come from North America. The first Cranberries in the Netherlands were discovered on Terschelling by a student looking for unusual plants. The berries probably washed up on the island and grew over time. Today, they grow in abundance and their harvest is managed by entrepreneurs.


If you want to taste these 100% natural cranberries, we recommend going to Coffee and Tea House the Berry Barn. This is about 5 minutes cycling distance. You will most likely pass this place when you go to the beach. So at the berry barn you can stop for a delicious cranberry juice or to purchase various cranberry products. Of course, you can also stop by the berry barn for a delicious bite to eat. If you are curious about all the products or the menu of the Coffee and Tea House, you can take a look at their website.

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