Across the island

Forest, dune and beach

Around the vacation park you will find beautiful nature, but of course you can relax in nature all over Terschelling. So you can take a walk through the forest, to the beach or walk through the dunes. Terschelling is not known for nothing for its varied and beautiful nature.


At the front of the vacation park you overlook the dike and the Wadden Sea. At the back of our vacation park you will find a beautiful forest where you can take a lovely walk, for example. In addition to this forest, there are many other natural areas you can explore on your own.


Anyone who comes to Terschelling should actually take a walk on the beach or take a dip in the sea. Fortunately, we have plenty of beach and sea on Terschelling. On the north side of the island is the North Sea and on this side there are 30 kilometers of beach. On the south side Terschelling borders the Wadden Sea.

When you go to the beach there are several options. Terschelling has several guarded beaches. The nearest beach is the one at West aan Zee. This is about 2 kilometers from the vacation park. You can get to the beach by bike, bus, cab but also by car. In fact, there are plenty of parking spaces.


When you have had enough of the beach for a while, you can also choose to walk through the dunes. Are you tired of the dunes? Then there are plenty of other nature reserves that you can explore on your own by bike or can discover through an excursion. On Terschelling, as much as 80% is nature reserve.