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Sheep farm

If you like animals and cheese, we recommend taking a look at the farm opposite the vacation park. There are several activities to do and you can enjoy delicious Terschellingse cheeses.


The farm has belonged to the Wortel family for several generations. Grandfather Albert Wortel started raising cows in 1920. After his death, his son, Willem Wortel, continued the farm (at the age of 13). Since then, the farm has grown and sheep have been added. Today there are many more animals than sheep and cows. They also have a horse, a pony, goats, lambs and chickens. There are now also several activities to do and they have a real farm store.


During the store's opening hours (found on the website) there are several things to see and do. For example, you can take a look at the calf barn, do a scavenger hunt, play on the playground equipment or watch a movie about cheese making.

On certain dates the entire farm is open to the public. There will be demonstrations such as feeding animals, shearing sheep and herding Border Collies. On these dates you can also participate in a scavenger hunt.


Since the farm keeps both sheep and cows you can taste many types of cheese there a buy. For example, they have different types of sheep cheese, cow cheese and a mix of these. Also, for products made from sheepskin, you can visit the farm.


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